Welcome to the Direwolves Pack!

At GoT Direwolves, we have a unique collection of tour guides at your service to ensure you have the best Game of Thrones® experience possible! All of our guides have held roles as extras on the show, fighting for all your favorite, or most hated houses (we won’t name any Boltons). We live, sleep and breathe Game of Thrones®, and our team are super close! Did we mention we’ve got three brothers and their infamous pet direwolves, Odin and Thor?!

Reviews from GoT Fans:

  •   Amazing tour! Out of this world locations, expert guide who also worked on the show with inside knowledge. Super friendly and inclusive can’t recommend enough! 5star+


      The scenery was absolutely beautiful and the clips that Molly played were very helpful to remember the scene. She was really nice and kind and had plenty of anecdotes to tell about the filming. We had furry capes and a prop sword to get into...More

    thumb Excursion129194

      We had an amazing day touring around the filming locations, not one location let us down, and meeting the dire wolves was a great experience! While at Castle Ward George RR Martin happened to be there, though i wouldn't count on that everytime. I can't say enough about the tour guide Madelyn, she made sure everyone was well taken care of, and was a joy to talk with on the tour. There is a lot of walking, especially on trails so I would recommend good shoes that can get dirty!

  •   Absolutely fantastic. Remi was our tour guide and when you meet him you'll notice something very familiar about him but I won't tell you. Something to do with game of thrones obviously 😉. He was an amazing guide and my girlfriend and I really got...More

    thumb markryan32

      This tour was my favourite. Our group of 4 had the most amazing time - our tour guide Remi made the whole this fun and enjoyable with lots of banter! The stories he had from working on game of thrones to just general history when...More

    Francesca P

      My mother and I went on the Direwolves tour a few days ago and we've had an amazing time and the nice weather made it even better. Our guide Molly, who was an actual extra in the filming of GoT, had a lot of knowledge about the locations where some scenes were taken and about the lore of GoT. If you are a GoT fanatic don't be scared to have a chat with her about it :)

    I especially liked the location where the direwolves pups were found. It's a truly breathtaking forest (tip: if you liked this forest you will certainly like Puzzlewood situated in England).
    Not to forget you actually get to meet the direwolves of Bran and Robb!
    The family who owns the wolves are really proud to have been a part of the GoT series. They tell you all about their journey.
    If you are a GoT fan you should really really do this tour and if you are not a GoT fans you still get to see some amazing landscapes and nature.
    Don't forget to take your hiking shoes ;) More


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