September 14, 2019

Game of Thrones Tours – Handmade Stark Cloaks

“What he wears, you know, says something about who he is. So he’s not prepared to be flouncing about like the others in gowns and silks and stuff like that.” – Sean Bean on Ned Stark. The incredibly talented costume department in Game of Thrones know how to make you feel like the people you’re watching really do come from a real place that’s chilling cold in the North or vibrant and warm in the south. In season one the set designers wanted to get across to the viewer that everything in Winterfell was sourced from within a fifty mile radius of the castle. The Stark cloak is traditionally a heavy dark wool that keeps in heat even when wet. The cloaks come in different colours of blacks, greys, browns and lighter greys and blues. The sheep or wolf skin around the neck helps keep the the shoulders warm and […]
March 7, 2019

Game of Thrones Doors around Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones Doors We have all seen the world famous Dark Hedges, also known to Game of Thrones fans, the Kings Road. In 2016, Northern Ireland was hit by Storm Gertrude which destroyed a number of trees from this beloved site. In reaction to this, Discover Northern Ireland set out to preserve history by carving the felled trees into 10 doors. These doors were intricately carved to depict a scene from each episode of Season 6. Each door is now on display in 10 pubs and inns across Northern Ireland, providing a unique GOT exhibition unlike any other. The doors are each located near iconic film locations giving you a reason to go and somewhere to catch your lunch! Here is exactly where to find the doors! 1. The Cuan, Strangford, Co Down Situated beside Castle Ward, better known to us as Winterfell in Season 1 and Audleys’ Castle, […]
February 28, 2019

Game of Thrones Tours Belfast – Tour Guides!

Our Guides on Tour Have you ever been on a tour and wonder how long it took the person to memories all that information? Or listen to someone talk about something you’re a fan of and think ‘Wrong. Nope. NO.’ Well you can trust all of our tour guides to give you THE FACTS on our tour because all of them have worked on the show. At GOT Direwolves’ we pride ourselves in giving you the most legit Game of Thrones experience – we’ve got Starks, Wildlings and much more. If you’re reading this you’ve been on our tour or maybe one day you hope to come meet us. So let me tell you about our guides of in some cases, tell you more about a familiar face! So without further a due, everyone say hello to William! or Will is one of three brother who own Odin and Thor. […]
November 22, 2018

The Top things every Game of Thrones fan needs this season

Hey Everyone!   This summer has proven to be super busy for us as you will have seen from our daily Instagram posts and Facebook updates. We are currently in the middle of setting up a Vlog and that will drop shortly…Before Christmas for sure!   As Winter is Coming and Christmas is on the way here in Belfast we though we would share the things Game of Thrones fans could have to welcome the new year and final season of our loved Game of Thrones.   Season 1 – 7 on DVD Box set This is essential for new and battle worn Game of Thrones fans. With just over 100 days to the new season being released you could squeeze a marathon or two in before April! Box set is right here to see Season 1 – 7 GOT  – You drink and you know things! Tyrion would definitely […]
July 9, 2018

A week without Game of Thrones….Heart Broken Belfast

“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention” – Ramsey Bolton As most of you are well aware Game of Thrones has wrapped on filming this week. The first week in July was Game of Thrones last week filming in Belfast forever. With many goodbye posts from popular cast and some crew this is a sudden reality we choose to put off till it was too late. Game of Thrones began filming in 2010 the American giant HBO were persuaded to make the grey old port of Belfast into the next Hollywood by “Screen NI”. Most countries have a film board that bid and head hunt productions to film in their part of the world usually promising advantages like quality service and investment into the production. Screen NI went the extra mile and offered all of that along with an empty warehouse that some productions […]