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Reviews from GoT Fans:

  •   The GOT direwolves tour is amazing! We visited many different filming locations and got to see a lot of Belfast’s beautiful landscape while doing so. They provide you with cloaks and swords to take pictures in, and you get to meet 2 real direwolves that...More


      We had an amazing day touring around the filming locations, not one location let us down, and meeting the dire wolves was a great experience! While at Castle Ward George RR Martin happened to be there, though i wouldn't count on that everytime. I can't say enough about the tour guide Madelyn, she made sure everyone was well taken care of, and was a joy to talk with on the tour. There is a lot of walking, especially on trails so I would recommend good shoes that can get dirty!


      This is a must tour for any GOT fan with the unique opportunity to meet Thor & Odin(Grey Wind & Summer) the Direwolves in the show. Just amazing!

    It is a family run business with all members being extras in GOT & part of the film industry. You get so much inside knowledge & insight into the filming of GOT.

    Andrew our guide was fun and had so many stories & memories to share from being part of GOT since series 5.

    There is a lot of walking and comfortable shoes & water are definitely needed. A great day and highly recommended!

    Theresa W
  •   We did both GOT tours by the same group and they were amazing! Remi was our guide and he was witty, insightful, fun, and had such amazing knowledge since he was an insider being part of the cast. There was a goat bit of walking, but I love to hike and the locations we went to were so scenic and beautiful. Meeting the puppers that played two of the Direwolves was a lot of fun and if you have a chance, buy the art—the father of the two that own Odin and Thor is incredibly talented. Loved his scrapbook, too!

    Be prepared to sweat a little (wear good shoes and take a raincoat), laugh a lot, and smile. You will be wrecked at the end of the day, but you will be happy! This is the best tour hands down! More


      What an amazing experience start to finish. Our driver Alistar and Andy our tour guide were awesome. Andy had loads of great stories from being an extra on set. I especially loved his one of chess game with Bran. Tollymore forest was such a beautiful place enjoyed every second. Meeting the Direwolves Odin and Thor (Summer and Greywind) was one to tick of the bucket list. Hearing their owners own stories and on set experiences was great. Even with the biggest downpour of rain I cant fault it. Lunch was amazing massive portions all staff were so attentive loved all the GoT sigals. On to Castle Ward more downpours but it didnt dampen our mood. Loads to see. Cant reccomend this tour enough. Hope you all get to experience this and you get to have Andy and Alistar guide you on the day. P.S wear good footwear incase of rain unlike my guy who thought canvas converse would do. More


      I am so glad we took this tour. Our guide, Andrew really did a great job as a tourguide and as a leader for this tour. He had great stories of what happend behind the scenes and he knew alot about each location we went to. He also bonded really nice with the group.

    Also the direwolf gang was awesome. We had the opportunity to meet both direwolfs twice and they really are something.

    The groupsizes are a bit smaller which is a huge plus for me and my partner.

    Go on this tour. You wont regret it!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1What time does the tour leave, and when does it return?
Tour Departs City Hall 8:45 AM. Tour gets back into Belfast around 6:00 PM. The tour runs for around 9 hours, with limited time in the coach.
2Do you allow children?
As Game of Thrones is an 18+ show, we do not recommend bringing your child on the tour. There is strong language and some clips show violence and nudity. This is why we provide an adult ticket price only.
3Are the treks on even ground and easily accessed?
Some treks during the tour are around 2K in distance. They pass through forest and along coastline. We do not recommend taking the trek i fyou find difficulty walking or standing for a decent length of time.
4Can I book the Direwolves and you for an Event?
We can attend a number of events, ranging from simple appearances to Game of Thrones themed events. We have appeared at weddings and can travel overseas to events. Contact us at Howl@GOTDirewolves.com
5Is lunch a part of the tour?
We stop for lunch at a restaurant during the tour, but the cost of lunch is not included in the tour fee. You will need to pay for lunch when we stop. During the Direwolves tour we stop around 2:00 PM for lunch. During the Dragon tour we stop around 11:40 PM for lunch.
6Does the Restaurant take Euros?
Yes, the restaurant takes both Sterling and Euros, and they have a card payment service.
7What clothing should I wear?
Think of it as going for a forest walk. Sturdy shoes and waterproofs would be recommended. It wouldn’t be Ireland without a little rain so bring a coat.
8Can you get photographs with the Direwolves?
Yes, you can get photos with Summer and Greywind and make your friends super jealous! Listen to the guide on how to get a photo with Odin and Thor. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @GOT_Direwolves.
9Do you provide Private tours?
Yes we supply private tours with 4 spaces. It includes the guide as the driver. This would have to be organised several days in advance. We can also arrange for a chauffeur to drive customers.