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A week without Game of Thrones….Heart Broken Belfast
July 9, 2018

Hey guys

This is our first ever Blog!

We have done so much and met so many people that we rarely get to tell our story we’re that busy making it! So this is an introduction to our world, here we will blog about the beginning and how it all began we will blog about the Direwolves Odin and Thor and how we just wanted cool dogs!

Let me introduce myself! My name is William Mulhall and I’m the 26 year old owner of Odin and Thor, the Northern Inuit Dogs that got chosen as little pups to be dog actors in the best TV show in the world Game of Thrones! Will Mulhall Instagram

Along with our family we have been to some amazing place and met people we never thought we would in a million years! Game of Thrones has changed our family in ways we couldn’t have ever imagined. We are thankful for Game of Thrones coming to Belfast, Northern Ireland back early 2010. I personally believe Game of Thrones changed the face off Belfast for the better. Before Game of Thrones came along I would say the biggest attraction Belfast had to offer was “The Troubles” and the “Titanic”. Now hundreds of Thousands of tourists come to Belfast and Ireland just to experience the city where the best show in the world was filmed!

Many of you reading this will have met us and got to hear our story and see Odin and Thor and many of the filming locations Game of Thrones used surrounding Belfast. Keep reading our blogs as we aim to tell stories that we don’t tell on tour. Odin and Thor have been to so many places and events and met so many interesting people its great to have fans all across the world wanting to read and interact with us on social media.

We are going to cover a lot of topics in these blogs and we hope you will have as much reading them as we do writing them. If you have any questions please writing them in the comments underneath.


Short and Sweet

Thanks for reading!




  1. Carol Sarver says:

    Always glad to hear new stories ♥️

  2. Jeff says:

    Hey dude I saw your interview on smokescreens channel on YouTube. As I commented to Chris, it was a pretty good change of pace to hear your experience. You actually seem like a pretty good dude. But I wanted to comment on Thor and Odin. I have always wanted Doberman Pinschers to name Thor and Loki. I don’t know why I have such a connection with the Norse gods but my parents recently went to Ireland and they told me that the Vikings do have a lot of history there. Are they still thought of or mentioned in these days of 2018? Anyways bro I hope you do more stuff with people like Chris on YouTube , glad summer and gray wind are doing well.

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