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Game of Thrones Tours Belfast – Tour Guides!

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Our Guides on Tour

Have you ever been on a tour and wonder how long it took the person to memories all that information? Or listen to someone talk about something you’re a fan of and think ‘Wrong. Nope. NO.’ Well you can trust all of our tour guides to give you THE FACTS on our tour because all of them have worked on the show. At GOT Direwolves’ we pride ourselves in giving you the most legit Game of Thrones experience – we’ve got Starks, Wildlings and much more. If you’re reading this you’ve been on our tour or maybe one day you hope to come meet us. So let me tell you about our guides of in some cases, tell you more about a familiar face!

So without further a due, everyone say hello to William! or Will is one of three brother who own Odin and Thor. William has taken part in the show from Season 5 and can be seen as a wildling from beyond the wall – both alive and as a Wight. Williams favourite scene he has appeared in, is being part of the Winterfell siege to take down Ramsay Bolton. Here, Will had Jon Snows’ back while he pummeled Ramsey Bolton! In Season 7, William filmed for 35 days in the mountains just above Belfast for the infamous Ice Lake scene. William and his brothers were also some of the first Wights to walk through the wall after it came down.


Ross first stepped foot on the set of Game of Thrones while filming for the Hardhome massacre in Season 5. He was cast to row a family made boat to take Jon Snow to safety as he escaped the Night King. Later joining the Battle of Bastards in Season 6. Ross was cast as an umber with Small Jon Umber, although he soon switched sides and became a wildling (They’re more fun). Ross also filmed the Ice Lake along with his bros and helped the Night King get through the wall. Ross continued to work as an Extra this year until he began work for the camera crew.

Caelan joined Game of Thrones in Season 6 in the Battle of Bastards as a solider of House Mormont (Which has some of the most badass Armour in Game of Thrones). He was woken from a phone call by his brother Will at 4am asking him if he was able to come to set as someone didn’t show and they need a replacement Caelan replied “I don’t want to be famous” which will told him to “shut up and get to the set”. Caelan continued to film for season 7 with his brothers Will and Ross on the Ice Lake. Caelan joined the Casting department and continues to work for the film industry in Belfast. (Caelan on the right in the picture below)

Remi is our resident mega fan. He has read all the books and is our most reliable source of GOT knowledge and fandom. Like all our guides, Remi has worked on Season 8 so unfortunately, we can’t reveal these roles just yet! Remi also has a degree in animal behaviour and has been on had to help with Odin and Thor since they were pups!(Remi on the right in the picture above)

Andrew began his GOT journey in Season 5 when he was enlisted into Stannis Baratheons’ army. In Season 6, he went onto help reclaim Winterfell in the Battle of the Bastards episode along with William, Ross and Caelan where they met. This took a grueling 5 weeks to film but as Andrew will tell you it was all worth it. For season 7 , Andrew played a Masked Wight for the epic Frozen Lake battle!

Our next tour guide Molly, started out as an extra in Season 7 as a Noble Lady before becoming a Wildling Wight. She was also there with our other guides in the Ice Lake Battle. Molly now carries on her extra work in various other productions that film here in Belfast.


Game of Thrones tours in Belfast are ran by GOT Direwolves and are proud to show visitors from across the world our beautiful City and countryside. Belfast the Home of Game of Thrones has many attractions and points of interest for the Fan of the best TV show in the World. GOT Direwolves operate two Game of Thrones tours from Belfast everyday during the summer the “Direwolf Tour and “Dragon Tour” For more information contact us via email or our Instagram and Facebook.

“Winter is here”



Don’t worry guys we look for to updating you after Season 8 😉





Will Mulhall

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  1. David schlegel says:

    Three of us are coming in September. We are looking at your tours vs the winterfell tours. Somewhere on your site I saw a video filmed at inch abbey where folks where in cloaks and swords. One of the folks was a red head gal. I cannot find that video anywhere. Help! (I am the one planning the trip for the 3 of us. I ant to show my friends that video)

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