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GOT Direwolves Tour update*

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September 14, 2019

Game of Throne tour update 

Since 2015 we as a family have been fully involved in the filming and tour industry of Game of Thrones and this has allowed us to craft the best possible experience for visitors to our island as possible. 
Earlier this year we lost one of our family pets that played as a Direwolf in the show. Odin’s fame and death was shown across many news outlets and influential social accounts and affected the hearts of thousands globally. The family had discussed that in 2020 we would begin the phasing out of the Direwolves from the tour anyway leaving tourists to seeing the Direwolves fewer times a week instead of the usual. 
With the global pandemic and the loss of Odin we think now is the time to fully commit to the retirement of the remaining Direwolf Thor from Tour and save his appointments for only private meet and greets a few times a year. 
This is for the benefit of all involved and paramountly for Thor. Thor will continue to live out the winter of his life as all dogs should in complete comfort and showered with love from his family. 
Our world class Game of Thrones tours will continue to take your breath away with every castle, forest and filming locations available. Our Tour guides that are featured in the show will amaze you with unique behind the scenes stories and excellent guiding. 
With this unique time we are all experiencing it calls for unique solutions and opportunities. We have decided to offer the disheartened travellers that missed their opportunity to visit Ireland this year the experience of a Meet and Greet with Thor though your screen!  We will provide the time slots through our usual booking system that then we will provide the details on how to have a video call with Thor and owner Will for a chat about Game of Thrones and the Show. This would be a great gift idea for someone feeling the post Game of thrones or current “lock down” blues and gives you the chance to see Ireland at one of the most beautiful times of the year (Weather depending).

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