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Reviews from GoT Fans:

  •   We booked the tour week before through viator but the morning of the tour, we were told by the local tour operator our names were not on her list. Viator failed to send them our names? Also the bus they sent was small and dirty....More

    thumb RinkiD19

      But they decided to cancel on us not even 11 hours before the tour was supposed to start (at 10pm via email). Simply because they did not want to do the tour with the small numbers that had signed up. We came into Belfast for...More


      We had an amazing day touring around the filming locations, not one location let us down, and meeting the dire wolves was a great experience! While at Castle Ward George RR Martin happened to be there, though i wouldn't count on that everytime. I can't say enough about the tour guide Madelyn, she made sure everyone was well taken care of, and was a joy to talk with on the tour. There is a lot of walking, especially on trails so I would recommend good shoes that can get dirty!

  •   My husband and I went on the GOT Direwolves tour yesterday and it was brilliant from start to finish. Our guide was Molly and she was full of interesting facts and stories about the show, as well as being very professional and keeping everything running smoothly.
    Our favourite places were the locations that still looked exactly as they appeared in the show (Tollymore Forest where they found the Direwolf pups for example) But even when we were at the locations that had been enhanced with CGI (Castle Ward/Winterfell) Molly made a huge effort to explain which bits had been added and which were original, showing comparison photos and making it all much easier to visualise. It was fascinating to hear the level of detail that went into the scenery!
    We were so excited to meet the Direwolves and we were not disappointed! Will and his Dad were so interesting to listen to and it’s clear they really love their dogs.
    We would definitely recommend this tour, even if you’re not really a Game of Thrones fan you would still enjoy it, you get to see some absolutely stunning places! More


      Wonderful experience! The tour exceeded our expectations, we definitely recommend it. Meeting the dogs was very fun and they are very soft and sweet. Our tour guide also had the pictures and videos of the locations we visited. It made the experience feel more personal.

    Marlene G

      We had an excellent guide Molly who was an extra many times on GOT so gave us a lot of background information.
    At each stop she played us the clip from the series so we could see everything in context. She also had screenshots which she took out to each scene area to show what had been done.
    We then met the Direwolves, lovely animals. Their owner was also an extra and his father played the Dothraki slave master and lived showing us his scrapbook and giving stories.
    A great tour for the GOT's fan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1What time does the tour leave, and when does it return?
Tour Departs City Hall 8:45 AM. Tour gets back into Belfast around 6:00 PM. The tour runs for around 9 hours, with limited time in the coach.
2Do you allow children?
As Game of Thrones is an 18+ show, we do not recommend bringing your child on the tour. There is strong language and some clips show violence and nudity. This is why we provide an adult ticket price only.
3Are the treks on even ground and easily accessed?
Some treks during the tour are around 2K in distance. They pass through forest and along coastline. We do not recommend taking the trek i fyou find difficulty walking or standing for a decent length of time.
4Can I book the Direwolves and you for an Event?
We can attend a number of events, ranging from simple appearances to Game of Thrones themed events. We have appeared at weddings and can travel overseas to events. Contact us at
5Is lunch a part of the tour?
We stop for lunch at a restaurant during the tour, but the cost of lunch is not included in the tour fee. You will need to pay for lunch when we stop. During the Direwolves tour we stop around 2:00 PM for lunch. During the Dragon tour we stop around 11:40 PM for lunch.
6Does the Restaurant take Euros?
Yes, the restaurant takes both Sterling and Euros, and they have a card payment service.
7What clothing should I wear?
Think of it as going for a forest walk. Sturdy shoes and waterproofs would be recommended. It wouldn’t be Ireland without a little rain so bring a coat.
8Can you get photographs with the Direwolves?
Yes, you can get photos with Summer and Greywind and make your friends super jealous! Listen to the guide on how to get a photo with Odin and Thor. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @GOT_Direwolves.
9Do you provide Private tours?
Yes we supply private tours with 4 spaces. It includes the guide as the driver. This would have to be organised several days in advance. We can also arrange for a chauffeur to drive customers.