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The Top things every Game of Thrones fan needs this season

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July 9, 2018
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Hey Everyone!


This summer has proven to be super busy for us as you will have seen from our daily Instagram posts and Facebook updates.

We are currently in the middle of setting up a Vlog and that will drop shortly…Before Christmas for sure!


As Winter is Coming and Christmas is on the way here in Belfast we though we would share the things Game of Thrones fans could have to welcome the new year and final season of our loved Game of Thrones.


  1. Season 1 – 7 on DVD Box set
    This is essential for new and battle worn Game of Thrones fans. With just over 100 days to the new season being released you could squeeze a marathon or two in before April!
    Box set is right here to see Season 1 – 7 GOT 
  2. You drink and you know things! Tyrion would definitely be proud there is a Game of Thrones whisky made by Johnnie Walker which as been named…..yep you guessed it! Johnnie Wight Walker (Check it out Wight Walker)
  3. Jon Snow Funko Pop! Have your own personal Jon Snow King in the North with you everywhere you go. This season 7 Jon Snow figurine is very cute and looks good stood on top of your Game of Thrones shrine! not that we have one of those……but this is him here Jon Snow
  4. GOT Direwolves Pack Member Tee is a great choice to wear while you watch your favourite Direwolves on screen and especially as Black Friday is tomorrow you’ll get it for 20% off! Check out the Store on the Website.
  5. Game of Thrones Film location tour! Go and visit the actual filming locations that Game of Thrones calls home. You will see many memorable locations in scenic Irish countryside. The experience is guided by an Extra from the show that you will have seen on screen before! so make sure you get plenty of photos to compare when you re-watch the show! This black friday its 40% off all coach tours! book now for the summer!
  6. No better way to ruin a family occasion that doing it Game of Thrones themed with the new Game of Thrones Monopoly! This will be popular or not with the family this year! it was popular on our facebook recently Game of Throne Monopoly 

That’s our top 6 things to buy yourself or a Game of Thrones fan you know!

If you have any questions please email us at and we will be happy to help.

Have a look around our website for more information


Thanks for Reading


Will Mulhall

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