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Explore the Breathtaking Irish Coastlines, homes to the Dragons!

The pack that brought you the Direwolf Tour, now guides you to the Dragon locations! Visit many breathtaking filming locations along Ireland’s scenic northern coastline! Guided by a local guide that featured in the show as an extra you will know everything you need to on this unique adventurous tour!

A fully immersive experience with visuals including cloaks and swords so you can delve fully into your favourite show! Tour lasts around 9 hours with minimal time on the coach. Wander caves, coastline and ancient castles!

    What does this tour include?

  • Weapons, Costumes and Flags

  • Explore some of Ireland’s most scenic locations

  • Small groups

  • Entertaining and knowledgeable guides who starred in the show as extras

  • All the Game of Thrones 'Behind The Scenes' stories from a film set

  • Pick-up from the City Center

  • Lunch stop for some famous Irish hospitality

  • Gorgeous and historic photo opportunities

  • 9 hours with very little time in the coach

  • High chance that you'll make family and friends jealous!

The Complete Tour Itinerary!

  • 9:00 AM

    Meet your Guide in-front of Belfast City Hall (Visit Belfast). They can be easily spotted by the Game of Thrones themed flag they will be holding. Otherwise look for the coach that will say ‘Coach Connections Ireland’ on the side. Just ask the friendly (Bearded) driver to confirm you are on the right bus. After a short intro from your Tour Guide leave for the first location.
  • 10:00 AM

    Kings Road -- Dark Hedges -- Dark Hedges easily one of Ireland’s most photographed locations! This popular Game of Thrones location was used in the scene Arya and Gendry hitch a lift on the back of a cart to travel north. These Trees frame a beautiful road that looks best when its quiet this is why we visit first thing in the morning to avoid the over crowding of tour companies arriving.
  • 11:30 AM

    Pyke – Ballintoy. The Home of the Greyjoys, this location is a picturesque village at the bottom of a winding cliff road known as Pyke Harbour. “What is Dead may never die!”
  • 12:10 AM

    Kings Moot – Larrybane – No better introduction to one of everyone’s favorite characters, than her smashing a knight into the dust. This old quarry has amazing coastal views of the deep blue water that is known as “The Stormlands”.
  • 13:00 PM

    Lunch – The beautiful sea side town of Ballycastle we stop for lunch. Please note that the cost of lunch is not included in the fee paid for the tour. The restaurant accepts Sterling and Euros, and also has a credit card processor.
  • 14:00 PM

    Dragonstone – fairhead – Home of the Targaryens! “Bend the Knee.” These epic sea cliffs of Dragonstone make a great runway for Dragons and a Jon Snow smolder. This location took 7 seasons to arrive to and the wait was worth it! Bring a coat.
  • 16:00 PM

    Cushendun Caves – When Ser Davos and Melisandre enter this cave it births a grim terror for Renly.
  • 16:40 PM

    Braavos – Carnlough – Sunny Braavos is right here in Ireland just above Belfast! Check out where Arya became someone at this little harbour.
  • 18:10 PM

    Belfast – Well done! You survived a day in the Game of Thrones®. Now go tell all your friends! Back to Belfast in time to enjoy some famous Belfast hospitality.

Come join us for a one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones adventure that will make all of your friends jealous!

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Reviews from GoT Fans:

  •   The tour guide and bus driver were both very friendly and welcoming. Andrew the tour guide had been an extra on Game of Thrones so he could tell us a lot of behind the scenes stories. He was very upbeat and passionate.

    The sites we went to were very scenic and very little time was spent on the tour bus. Meeting the dogs that played the Direwolves and hearing the stories from their owner was a highlight.

    My friend that was with me had only seen 3 episodes of Game of Thrones and she said that this tour was the highlight of her week in Northern Ireland!


      I saw this tour on a travel show and thought I must do that being a GOT fan myself. It didn't disappoint. Remi our guide was brilliant. Having grown up in the area and involved in the filming of season 8 his knowledge was phenomenal. He was also very funny. Karen our driver was fab and lovely also. Meeting the Direwolves and the owners was also brilliant. The family were really friendly and Dad was very interesting to talk to. Absolutely fab day. Would highly recommend to anyone.

    Dionne M

      Our guide Madeline was an extra on got and to be honest, absolutely made the experience even more fantastic than expected. She was so energectic, enthusiastic, articulate and full of interesting facts and inside stories from working on the show. Every location she played a dvd so we could see how it looked in the series and then had screen shots(stills of the show) for even more detailed comparisons. You were able to hold these stills and get photos too. She was so accomodating taking photos for everyone so they could get shots together. The beauty of this tour is there is no more than 32 people so it was easy to hear and see everything. We passed other tours with bigger groups which didnt look quite so appealing. We had lunch in the maghera inn which was super! Lovely food and quick service. We had the bonus of fantastic weather and of course meeting the actual direwolves was amazing. A truly unforgettable experience

  •   I took the tour with Remi and was absolutely blown away. Having grown up in the area, being a superfan of GOT and also having been so involved in filming season 8 as Grey Worm's double, he was the perfect guide with insight into the history of the area, a genuine love of the series and tons of behind the scenes info. Also being very approachable and sociable meant that you could ask next to any question of Remi and he was ready with a brilliant answer. The areas that you visit are breathtaking and have interesting history on their own, but it is also great to see how GOT was able to mold them into the perfect backdrop for the series. Meeting the direwolves and the amazing family that owns them was icing on the cake. This is definitely the tour you should choose! More


      This was on my bucket list and it was everything I imagined and more. The group was small and intimate, which was nice. The tour was well-organized and planned out. I loved that they have pictures of scenes that were shot at each location and that they brought a tablet to show you clips of scenes with each location when you first get to them to give you context. They also brought a couple of northern Jon Snow cloaks to wear for photos. Molly, our tour guide, was an extra in a few episodes (so were other guides I've heard), so she had some cool BTS stories. She was super knowledgeable and sweet and down to earth and did a really great job of managing our time but not making us feel rushed to leave locations before we were satisfied with our photos. She let us explore but also ensured our safety. My favorite location was Fairhead, where Dragonstone was filmed in season 7. I had an amazing, surreal time and I would do the tour again. It felt like I was in the show.

    Next time I'll try the Direwolf tour, when I'm in better shape for the haunted forest hike! Definitely recommend and hopefully you get Molly as your tour guide. Thanks, guys! More

    Shabana M

      Absolutely brilliant, special thanks to Madeline and ian who made the day even better! Madeline Knowledge of game of thrones and Ireland was fantastic. Brilliant day out , thank you both! Xx

    Carrie D
  •   I had very great expectations regarding this tour, but I have to say they were beyond that! The tour is simply fantastic, our guide Andy was kind, fun and had a lot of great stories to tell (yes, you can see him in some scenes in GOT!) as so was our driver Ian. The places we visited had amazing views and the way they explained it all was great (photos and videos from the series included). Of course, the pups are simply lovely ️ very sweet and loving to people. The Mulhall family (the owners) are wonderful persons who were also involved on the making of the series on different aspects and that is a plus, they were also very interesting and nice to talk to. Definitely the best a true GOT fan could want from a tour in Belfast so if you have the chance, do not miss it. Thanks a lot again to the pack :) More


      We had such a wonderful time. Our tour guide, I think his name was Andy, was entertaining, informative and really very nice. He had been an extra on the show and was so enthusiastic about his time spent there and the show itself. We got to see beautiful sites of Northern Ireland and the locations of the various iconic parts of the show whilst he kept us laughing the whole time. Meeting the direwolves was simply amazing. The family that has them as their pets are awesome and I feel honored to have met everyone and learned their stories—not just the direwolves. Being on a tour with so many Game of Thrones fans was just the best experience. I couldn't recommend this enough. More


      A fantastic day visiting several filming locations and of course the stars of the day, the dogs. Madeline our tour guide obviously passionate about GoT gave us an interesting and enthusiastic commentary throughout the trip. Either she has two cans of Red Bull for breakfast or is the original Duracell Bunny!!!

    Sandra G
  •   As avide GOT’s Fans, I booked this tour as an anniversary gift for my husband. We met Maddy on the morning of our tour who got us so excited before we had even set off, she was full of enthusiasm as she was also an extra in the show so had lots of stories to tell. Freddy our lovely driver got us to all our locations safely and waited while we took in all the stunning views. Throughout the day there was plenty of photo opportunities with some great authentic props.

    Meeting Direwolves, Odin and Thor along with their owners was the icing on the cake for us. They were so gentle and patient whilst we took pictures and it was a true privilege to be so up close and personal.

    At the end of the day we was so sad it was over! We loved meeting other GOTs Fans and we have certainly made some very special memories to look back on in years to come, Thank you Direwolves Tour Team for making it all happen x More


      Wonderful experience seeing filming locations and hidden secrets. Our tour guide Madeline was amazing. It was a long day but we had such a blast. Meeting the direwolves was an added plus. Definitely recommend this tour!


      Had such a wonderful day yesterday! The tour guide madaline was incredible and full of so much knowledge. And ofcourse, the direwolf dogs are gorgeous!
    Cannot recommend this tour enough


Come join us for a one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones adventure that will make all of your friends jealous!

Give Us a Call!

You can always call to have a quick chat about your upcoming tour! Dial: 07 54 305 6294