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September 14, 2019

Game of Thrones Tours – Handmade Stark Cloaks

“What he wears, you know, says something about who he is. So he’s not prepared to be flouncing about like the others in gowns and silks and stuff like that.” – Sean Bean on Ned Stark. The incredibly talented costume department in Game of Thrones know how to make you feel like the people you’re watching really do come from a real place that’s chilling cold in the North or vibrant and warm in the south. In season one the set designers wanted to get across to the viewer that everything in Winterfell was sourced from within a fifty mile radius of the castle. The Stark cloak is traditionally a heavy dark wool that keeps in heat even when wet. The cloaks come in different colours of blacks, greys, browns and lighter greys and blues. The sheep or wolf skin around the neck helps keep the the shoulders warm and […]
July 1, 2020

GOT Direwolves Tour update*

Game of Throne tour update  Since 2015 we as a family have been fully involved in the filming and tour industry of Game of Thrones and this has allowed us to craft the best possible experience for visitors to our island as possible. Earlier this year we lost one of our family pets that played as a Direwolf in the show. Odin’s fame and death was shown across many news outlets and influential social accounts and affected the hearts of thousands globally. The family had discussed that in 2020 we would begin the phasing out of the Direwolves from the tour anyway leaving tourists to seeing the Direwolves fewer times a week instead of the usual. With the global pandemic and the loss of Odin we think now is the time to fully commit to the retirement of the remaining Direwolf Thor from Tour and save his appointments for only private meet and greets a few times […]