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We are GoT Direwolves. A unique Game of Thrones® experience in Northern Ireland that allows fellow mega fans the chance to retrace the steps of their favourite characters and meet two of the Starks’ direwolves, our pets who acted in the show, Odin and Thor – better known to you as Summer and Greywind!

Since our days on set, we have traveled Ireland exploring Game of Thrones® filming locations with our owners on tours that you can experience too. During the tours, you’ll visit the original Winterfell, Robb’s camp, the Haunted Forest, Walder Frey’s The Twins, and other locations used for filming. Not only will you get to meet us, but speak with our owners who appear as extras in the series and have appeared in episodes such as “Battle of the Bastards,” “Hardhome,” and “Ice Lake” scenes from season 7. We hope to see you soon! In the meantime, follow our page to keep up with all our adventures!

Enjoy the Authentic GoT Experience:

Come join us for a one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones adventure that will make all of your friends jealous!

Reviews from GoT Fans:

  •   Absolutely brilliant tour well worth the money,tour guide Andy Dunbar and driver Ian great characters very friendly seeing the dogs was the icing on the cake. Will definitely do the tour again. Stories very entertaining, so much fun and informative


      Amazing tour. All the locations that we visited was brilliant and Will (the tour guide), with his team, has put together a great set up! Will explained all the locations in good depth and clearly knew a lot since he was an extra in GoT...More

    thumb Aeron J

      The tour was lovely and our guide was fantastic. We had a great day,saw and learned so much about the behind the scenes of GOT. For those who have issues with your balance or steep/uneven ground beware the wood walk requires you to cross a small steeping stone brook see attached pick and make up your own mind. There are also parts that are off the beaten track with a lot of roots and slippy mulch. But it is well worth the trip just to meet the direwolfs and the family who own them, they have been part of the series from day 1 and have many stories and lovely GOT artwork. More

    Jean C
  •   The scenery was absolutely beautiful and the clips that Molly played were very helpful to remember the scene. She was really nice and kind and had plenty of anecdotes to tell about the filming. We had furry capes and a prop sword to get into...More

    thumb Excursion129194

      We had an amazing day touring around the filming locations, not one location let us down, and meeting the dire wolves was a great experience! While at Castle Ward George RR Martin happened to be there, though i wouldn't count on that everytime. I can't say enough about the tour guide Madelyn, she made sure everyone was well taken care of, and was a joy to talk with on the tour. There is a lot of walking, especially on trails so I would recommend good shoes that can get dirty!


      I recently went on the Direwolf tour during my weekend stay in Belfast. In all fairness, I had done a GOT Castle Ward/Tollymore Forest tour a year before with a different company out of Dublin - so I knew the locations and what to expect. However, I still booked this tour - partially because of the Direwolves, and partially just because I wanted to see if there was a difference between the two tours. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as, even though I went to the exact same locations and saw the exact same things, I still heard new and different information that I had not heard before - including different behind the scenes videos about how filming was done. So for that reason, I was still able to stay interested and focused.

    Every tour guide with GOTDirewolves has been an extra on the show at one point in time, so to be quite honest, you will get a slightly different tour with each guide as they all have their own behind the scenes anecdotes and stories to tell. That in itself makes the tour that much more fun.

    My guide for the day was Molly (who had a featured scene in the season 8 trailer), and she was super nice and accommodating to everyone. I’m sure she’s given the same tour dozens of times, but she still seemed honestly enthusiastic about every location we went to and every clip we watched. Though, to be fair, I did go on the tour just one day before the premiere of season 8 (the final season ever), so everyone was extra hyped - including Molly.

    The tour starts off in front of the Visit Belfast Tourist Center directly across the street from the entrance of City Hall. There’s usually a group of others waiting around too, so just ask someone if you aren’t sure. Ultimately though, your guide will meet you in the front of the building with a Stark banner - so you shouldn’t miss them.

    Our tour was almost completely full, but the nice thing is that they use a small shuttle bus - not a large one like some of the other tours - so it seems a bit more intimate. Generally, for the most part, the majority of participants are big fans of the show, so there’s a bit of camaraderie between everyone from the get go. I actually went on the tour solo (as did a couple others), and I never felt left out or uncomfortable or awkward - it was all genuinely just fun.

    You go to several (at least 9) spots where various scenes in the show were filmed, but these aren’t sets - these are actual on site locations near old castles, ruins, and forests. The scenery was beautiful - GOT fan or not - and it was a great way to see just a little more of what Northern Ireland has to offer. It was also great to hear stories about how GOT has positively influenced both local individuals and the Belfast economy as a whole.

    You do get cloaks to wear and swords to pose with if you are so inclined (which I 100% recommend - no matter how silly it seems - because if you are already on a GOT tour to begin with you might as well go all out and get a fun photo out of it). The more everyone lets loose and has fun, the better the tour. Unfortunately, the wind was INSANE on the day of our tour. The cloaks lasted for only a few pictures before the wind became too much for everyone. To be honest, I was worried some of the participants wouldn’t like the tour as much since the wind sometimes made it hard to hear Molly at certain locations and it could be kind of cold - but lo and behold someone who actually went back to the bus early because of the wind still wrote a glowing 5-star review here on TripAdvisor. So that should tell you a lot right there.

    Now, both this tour and the previous GOT tour I went on were fantastic and you really can’t go wrong with either one you pick, but what obviously separates this tour from others is the Direwolves themselves. These Northern Inuit Dogs (Thor and Odin) were two of the lucky pups chosen to play the Direwolves found in episode one (Greywind and Summer respectively). Obviously they are all grown up now, but it is still cool to see, pet, and get pictures with two of the “stars” of the show. Now, there is another tour company that sometimes partners with GOTDirewolves and you can occasionally see the dogs on those tours as well, but GOTDirewolves is the ONLY tour that can GUARANTEE Summer and Greywind - and that’s definitely what sets them apart from the rest.

    While the dogs are obviously cute, getting to hear the story of how they were chosen to be in the show, as well as the story of their owners (the Mulhalls - all of whom have since become involved in the show themselves) is fascinating. On top of that, they are all super nice and genuinely have a lot of love for their dogs as well - as they aren’t treated as just a touristy gimmick, but as actual celebrities. You can tell they’re loved and spoiled which, to me as a dog lover, is great to see.

    Last but not least, this tour is FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED. As I mentioned before, you can’t go wrong with either GOT tour, but sometimes having the intimacy of a family run business over a bigger company is nice. To be honest, I actually booked a different special event with this company before booking the tour itself, and the lines of communication were direct - even through social media believe it or not. Response times were great and they were very helpful with all questions I had. On top of that, the separate event I booked with them (a GOT pub quiz/screening that takes place in Belfast every Monday night until the finale - if you happen to be around) was amazing and soooo much fun. So I really don’t think you can go wrong booking any tour or event with them. I’ll definitely have to try to go back one day in the future to try their newer “Dragon Tour.” While this tour does not include the Direwolves, it does go to places other GOT tours do not - and I can’t imagine, with any of my experiences with GOTDirewolves, that this new tour would be anything but great as well.

    P.S. The lunch stop on the Direwolf tour (The Maghera Inn) was SO good. Definitely felt like a local Irish pub as opposed to a tourist spot (in fact, our group were the only “tourists” there that day). It was warm, cozy, and the venison burger I had (with goat cheese) was delicious. Lunch is optional (you can bring your own) and a separate expense not included within the price of the tour, but pounds, euro, and credit cards were all accepted when I went.



Trek some of Ireland's most scenic locations as you learn how your favourite TV show was brought to screen.

Come join us for a one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones adventure that will make all of your friends jealous!

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Come join us for a one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones adventure that will make all of your friends jealous!