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Game of Thrones Tours – Handmade Stark Cloaks

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March 7, 2019
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July 1, 2020

“What he wears, you know, says something about who he is. So he’s not prepared to be flouncing about like the others in gowns and silks and stuff like that.” – Sean Bean on Ned Stark.

The incredibly talented costume department in Game of Thrones know how to make you feel like the people you’re watching really do come from a real place that’s chilling cold in the North or vibrant and warm in the south. In season one the set designers wanted to get across to the viewer that everything in Winterfell was sourced from within a fifty mile radius of the castle. The Stark cloak is traditionally a heavy dark wool that keeps in heat even when wet. The cloaks come in different colours of blacks, greys, browns and lighter greys and blues. The sheep or wolf skin around the neck helps keep the the shoulders warm and the neck comfortable. Leather straps cross the chest that tie with leather twine or a buckle at the back. Men traditionally wear moody colours of dark greys and blacks while women can wear lighter colours of grey or duck egg blue to show a warmer side of the north. 

One of our Beautiful new cloaks

The wool along the top is Ikea bought faux wool that has been dyed. The initial dye actually turns the wool pink before being dyed again to bring a darker brown into the wool. The first dying process “breaks down” the artificial fibres which are usually difficult to dye but now opens the fibres and allows dye to be absorbed into the faux wool. 

The leather straps are hand cut and beveled to fit across the chest and broken down to give them the lived in look.

To “Break Down” a piece of clothing means to take a perfectly new piece of material for a costume and add colour or wear it down to make it look like its been worn or lived in for some time. In the North of Westeros the clothing can even have snow added to give the look that Ice or snow has landed and formed on the cloak. The snow is usually topped up just before action is called to have the maximum effect.

Hints of Snow on the fur shows the commitment to detail

The fur on the cloaks are dyed multiple times over 14 days to layer the tones and get the northern feel to the fur.

The incredible detail can be shown here where each pleat has been individually folded and sown.The pleat is known as a cartilage pleat This is how you achieve the hints of folds down the length of the cloak. In around medieval times clothing design wasn’t as advanced as today and the making of clothing including cloaks were designed in squares then made to fit to the person. The idea of the pleats is to compress the top of the cloak and curve around the neck so the cloak will hang around the person. 

A cloak can take up to 14 days to make with several meters of material and several thousand stitches. 

With these incredibly high quality cloaks as a part of the GOT Direwolves Game of Thrones location Tour you are the closest to being a Stark it can get! We want you to feel what it’s like to be a Stark as you stand in the filming locations. Hand made by a member of the costume department who worked on costumes you will see in the show. These cloaks are not from the show but have been made exactly the same way by someone who has done it all before! Thank you Roisin McNamee for making these incredible cloaks.

GOT Direwolves is a Game of Thrones film location tour in Belfast, Ireland. Game of Thrones tours in Belfast are plentiful however GOT Direwolves is a fan made tour for fans. The best part about taking this Game of Thrones tour is the opportunity to meet the Direwolves Summer and Grey wind. Other highlights include Guides that featured in the Show as extras and as a Stand in (essentially a Look a like). The GOT Direwolves Game of Thrones tour from Belfast is very popular with super fans which get to visit some memorable filming locations. Game of Thrones tourists get to wear hand made cloaks made by a member of the costume department as well as hold replica swords from the show for the ultimate photo! Visit Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @GOT_Direwolves and book through our website

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